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testing with AMA RUT Pro is so fast that reporting can be done at the same appointment, after the biopsy is taken

 rapid 5-minute  testing

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AMA RUT Pro: dry and fast


Traditional liquid and gel-based urease tests use a few hundred microliters of medium and ammonia produced slowly by weakly positive specimens. A larger amount of ammonia must be produced to give a color change. Thus, the incubation time required for a color change increases disproportionately as the urease content of the specimen decreases. In addition, the buffer that is included in the test medium to consume acid or base on the specimen inhibits pH changes due to production of ammonia. This reduces assay sensitivity and increases incubation times.


Compared to the gel-based, dry urease tests allow for a higher response time, study confirms.

AMA RUT Pro is a dry rapid urease test with the multilayer structure, designed for the fast reaction.

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the reactions run faster thanks to the patented design of the test

I  sensitive layer: the enzymatic reaction with H. pylori urease and urea 
leads to t
he formation of ammonia (the first reaction)




only the ammonia from the first reaction penetrates to the next layer

II  indicator layer: ammonia raises the pH (second reaction) resulting in the target color change

If the biopsy sample is H. pylori positive, the two reactions go consequently in the different layers of the test, resulting in a bright color change within just 5 minutes.

The sensitivity threshold is 10   CFU Helicobacter pylori


WO2020139142 patent pending. The design of AMA RUT Pro is patent protected internationally;

"AMA" and "AMA RUT" are registered trademarks of AMA Co Ltd

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multilayer structure to ensure the target reaction only

The non-target reactions appear when the color of the test changes due to pH shift regardless the presence or absence of H. pylori urease.

In tests without effective multilayer structure non-target reactions may occur due to:

  throwing bile, the pH of which can be> 7.0, into the stomach

  instability of the reagent in liquid urease tests over time or chemical reactions caused by autolysis of gastric tissue cells 

  blood contamination of biopsy (normal blood pH is > 7.3)


AMA RUT Pro enjoys advantages of multilayer structure to ensure specific detection of H. pylori urease.

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innovative arrangement of the multilayer structure

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sensitive layer

The sensitive layer of AMA RUT Pro comprises a special membrane. It separates the indicator layer from substances that can cause non-target reactions in the biopsy.

indicator layer

The biopsy sample is first reacted with a urea substrate under pH-optimized conditions on one side of the sensitive layer. Ammonia resulting from the reaction, penetrates to the other side of the membrane, where it comes into contact with an optimized indicator layer to obtain a bright color change.

AMA RUT Pro is protected from the risks of false staining.

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high accuracy: specificity 99% sensitivity 99%

No reaction towards interfering substances (alkaline agents, blood) or non-target bacteria.

After the test is done, the biopsy specimen is still applicable for further histology, PCR or culture detections, when required by guidelines.

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quick and clear result

СБОРКА Реакций Теста АМА РУТ Про_20_ОКЕЙ

* actual photos of AMA RUT Pro reactions

Evident color change: no “halo-effect” or “glow-effect”,

results are easy to interpret

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cassette-less design helps reduce the amount of plastic

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We care about the environment. Since medical grade plastic is not recyclable, it is important to reduce its use.

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the weight of one AMA RUT Pro test-slide is 0.4 grams only

an average cassette test utilizes 9 times more plastic

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combined in blocks, AMA RUT Pro

minimizes package size and weight


AMA RUT Pro reduces costs thanks to its block design.

The block contains 24 pieces of AMA RUT Pro tests.

Before the test, one test-slide is separated from the block.

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packed in light envelopes to minimize transport cost

24 AMA RUT Pro = 1 block

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1 envelope = 1 or 2 blocks of AMA RUT Pro (24 or 48 tests)

Envelopes are very convenient for local deliveries to clinics

1 box = 50 envelopes (1200 or 2400 tests)

Boxes keep costs for international logistics low

Применение теста


how to use the test

Test procedure


Bend the block along the 
perforation lines.

1_АМА-РУТ-Про PNG-01.png


Separate one segment for 

2_АМА-РУТ-Про PNG-01.png


Open the protective cover, but do not pull hard not to tear it off
place the biopsy specimen 
on the white reactive element, 
and not beyond.

3_АМА-РУТ-Про PNG-01.png


After placing the biopsy, gently smooth the protective cover with your finger around the perimeter of the test.

4_АМА-РУТ-Про PNG-01.png


Fix the cover along the cut line. 
Fixation is necessary to preserve 
the reaction products in the 
express test cell.

5_АМА-РУТ-Про PNG-01.png


Check the result from the 
 of the test after
5 minutes.

6_АМА-РУТ-Про PNG-01.png

Please read all the instructions for use prior to performing the test. 

Лицензии и сертификаты

Manufacturing certified according to the international QMS

Since 2011, AMA has adopted the integrated quality management system that meets the requirements of EN ISO13485 (GOST R ISO 13485) and ISO 9001 (GOST R ISO 9001).

All production processes are validated in accordance with the GHTF (Global Harmonization Task Force) guidelines. A comprehensive system of internal control of the main and auxiliary production processes of test systems and equipment has been developed and implemented.

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Contact card

AMA-Med Oy

Lehmuskatu 11

Mikkeli 50120, Finland

Phone: +358 45 164 4404


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