Test for H. pylori in the course of gastroscopy 

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    History of the problem of false positives     

In the 1980s, with the problem

of false positive positives
faced Barry Marshall,
quick inventor
urease test CLO-test:

    «When patients have excessive salivation or reflux of alkaline bile into the stomach, these fluids can contaminate the small gastric biopsy sample, such that the surface pH exceeds 6.0.»   

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Researchers have linked inappropriate weak staining of some rapid urease tests to an elevated biopsy pH

    «Когда у пациентов избыточное слюноотделение или рефлюкс щелочной желчи в желудок, эти жидкости способны контаминировать маленький образец желудочной биопсии, так что рН на его поверхности превышает 6.0»   


     Why is the test false staining possible?    

1) Physiological reasons in the biopsy itself:

     In vitro study of the gastric mucous epithelium layer showed an average pH of 6.9 
     measurements using microelectrodes showed that the pH of the gastric epithelium varies from 6.0 to 7.2 against the background of various factors

(the indicator bromothymol blue, used in rapid urease tests, changes color at pH above 6.5)

2) Contamination of the biopsy specimen with foreign alkaline agents as a result of

•     throwing bile, the pH of which can be> 7.0
     chemical reactions caused by autolysis of gastric tissue cells
     exposure to lidocaine spray (contains sodium hydroxide) 
     biopsy of blood on biopsy (normal blood pH> 7.3)


What are selective urease tests

Selective urease tests guarantee the response only to the products of the target enzymatic reaction, excluding the influence of the pH of the biopsy itself. In their design, the layers of the enzymatic and indicator reactions are separated



I  sensitive layer: enzyme reaction
H. pylori urease and urea, 

with the formation of ammonia (first reaction)

only the ammonia formed during the first reaction penetrates to the next layer

II  Indicator reaction layer: Ammonia raises the pH (second reaction) resulting in a targeted color change


Express-test for the Detection of Helicobacter pylori Urease Activity in Biopsy Specimen

sensitive layer

indicator layer

High sensitivity and specificity of AMA RUT Pro become possible thanks to it innovative multilayer design comprising a special membrane*.

It separates the enzymatic reaction layer from the indicator layer, so that the reaction with H. pylori urease and the following indicator reaction were not mixed. If the biopsy sample is H. pylori positive, the two reactions go consequently in the different layers of the test, resulting in a bright color change within just minutes.  

* WO2020139142 patent pending  

The design solutions of the AMA RUT Pro medical device are protected by a patent in Russia and are being internationally patented "AMA" and "AMA RUT" are registered trademarks of the Association of Medicine and Analytics LLC

Зарегистрированным в России селективным уреазным тестом является экспресс-тест
AMA RUT, РУ № РЗН 2019/9301
Как и должно быть у селективного уреазного теста, в AMA RUT Pro 
ферментативная и индикаторная реакции проходят в разных слоях.

Functional characteristics of the selective urease test AMA RUT Pro

Separation of reactions using a membrane allowed to reach a detection limit of 10  CFU H. pylori 


Lack of reaction to strains of other urease-producers of the stomach, to interfering substances (alkaline agents, blood) due to the test design

Diagnostic characteristics:

Specificity – 99%

Sensitivity – 99%


quick and clear result

Maastricht 38.jpg

If the results are affected by extraneous pH
instead of H. pylori urease, why fast
urease tests recommended by Maastricht?

Because the global manufacturers of rapid urease tests changed their design (selective urease tests appeared), which made it possible to fundamentally eliminate the risk of inappropriate pH shift

Maastricht V: «In clinical practice, if there are indications for EGDS and there are no contraindications for biopsy, a rapid urease test is the diagnostic method of choice.

In case of a positive result, immediate therapy is required»


Ecology is an important topic today


Простой способ убедиться,

что селективный тест защищен

от срабатывания на pH биоптата

В отличие от индикаторной бумаги, селективный 
уреазный тест AMA RUT Pro выдерживает воздействие раствора соды (рН = 8.0)


High quality + low price = 

world class product



Applying the test

Memo for doctor on the use


Bend the block along the 
perforation lines.


Separate one segment for 


Open the protective cover, but do not pull hard not to tear it off
place the biopsy specimen 
on the white reactive element, 
and not beyond.


After placing the biopsy, gently smooth the protective cover with your finger around the perimeter of the test.


Fix the cover along the cut line. 
Fixation is necessary to preserve 
the reaction products in the 
express test cell.


Evaluate the test result from the 
5 minutes.

Before using the express test, read the instruction for use,
included in the delivery package of the AMA RU Pro.


Manufacturing certified according to the international QMS

Since 2011, the Association of Medicine and Analytics LLC has been the first in Russia integrated quality management system that meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001 (ISO 9001) and GOST R ISO 13485 (EN ISO13485).

All production processes are validated in accordance with the GHTF (Global Harmonization Task Force) guidelines. A comprehensive system of internal control of the main and auxiliary production processes of test systems and equipment has been developed and implemented.


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